Not too long ago I suggested skipping social media if you were too busy to post regularly.  I felt the time expenditure wasn’t worth the limited return on investment.  However, in today’s world, trust is the number one factor in turning online visitors into clients.  Every drop in the “trust bucket” adds to a greater sense of confidence.  Taking part in activities such as blogging, personal stories, video blogging, and even social media posts all add up to trustworthy content.  The more trust that is built online, the more website visitors will convert to clients.  Social media is a great way to keep potential clients engaged with your business.

1. Providing Useful Content. Alas, I cannot recall the book this story from, but there was an inspiring tale about a “New Hot Shot” that believed his arrival in an industry conference would have potential clients begging for his business card. When he arrived, hardly anyone would speak to him, let alone listen to his sales pitch.  In a melodramatic third day of rejection, he asked himself, “Why aren’t they listening to me?  I haven’t done anything to deserve this.”  In a flash of self-awareness, he realized, he hadn’t done anything.  No one was taking him seriously because there was nothing to take seriously.  He had not provided any tools advice, writings, articles, NOTHING.  He was going into a situation completely devoid of participation and expecting praise and fellowship.  At that moment, he made a change.  He dedicated himself to providing everything he thought his client-base would be interested in; posting articles, book reviews, blogs, video explanations, newsletters, and white papers.  He returned next year to the same conference armed with meeting requests, sales leads, a booth for demonstrations, and even ran out of pamphlets.  Unlike the first conference, the second made a huge return-on-his investment.

2. Proof of Guru-ness. Being a guru is easier than you think. Dedicate yourself to providing content in a particular subject is all it takes.  If you are not yet specialized, start considering what topics interest you the most.  The changes seen in retail brick-and-mortar stores fascinate me, so I do an occasional opinion blog post, post interesting articles onto social media, and write about the subject.  What interests you?  Start writing down all your thoughts and opinions on the subject along with industry articles and trends.  In just a few months you’ll have established yourself as a guru!

3. Daily Engagement. Showing up on your prospects’ feed once a day with a mix of industry articles, links to your blogs, helpful videos and more will keep you top-of-mind when they’re ready to make a buy / sell / lease decision. In commercial real estate, timing is everything.  Being consistently top-of-mind will ensure you are considered in their purchasing decision.

4. Emotional Attachment. It’s no secret that people make decisions based on emotions and justify them with logic. I remember when we bought a motorcycle my husband gave 100 logical reasons why we should own one.  I finally told him to stop kidding himself and just admit he loves the stupid thing.  Admit to yourself that people aren’t going to choose you simply because you have over 1 billion in sales and 100s of clients.  No one cares.  They simply ask themselves, “Do I trust this person with my real estate portfolio?”  If the answer is yes, you’ve got the client!  But getting that emotional attachment takes work and there are many other agents to choose from.  To lock down that client, provide different resources that are helpful to his or her business.  The more active you are in the industry, the more it looks like you’re a guru, and the more emotionally confident potential clients will be in your services.

Getting Started.  HootSuite is a great way to keep all your social media accounts up-to-date.  With one client, you can schedule and post on multiple different platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter.  Keeping up with your daily social media can be daunting, so I have a Social Media Marketing service that will post relevant content for your audience on a daily basis.  Check it out!