Check your website traffic.  Does it plummet after April 21st 2015?  You may have been affected by Mobilegeddon.   As of Tuesday, April 21st Google, which dominates online search, launched a new search algorithm that favors mobile friendly sites. This means people who use Google to search on their smart phones may not find your website.

Why, Google, WHY?!  Don’t blame Google – blame the average consumer. The internet landscape is changing dramatically.  Its estimated 40% of internet searches are done on a smart phone.  Google is just following a trend that’s not likely to slow. After all, probably 40% of you are reading this on your smart phone right now.

Is my site “mobile-friendly”?  There is an easy way to test whether or not Google has your website in “mobile-friendly” status.  Click on this link, type in your website’s url and click “analyze”.  This tool will search your website and let you know if it’s considered mobile-friendly.  If it gives you a green light, great!  If your site is already mobile friendly you’ll likely see an increase in traffic.  If not…you will want to consider redesigning your website.

My site isn’t mobile-friendly.  What do I do?  Don’t panic.  It’s likely you were considering a revamp of your website for at least a year now…it’s time to act on that initiative.  It’s no longer the ancient days of 2013!  Mobile (or responsive) websites aren’t ultra expensive or considered “fancy”.  A website that automatically adjusts size to screen is now normal and common place.  Most web design firms don’t charge extra for this.

What does this mean for me?  Unfortunately, you may have to bust out your credit card for a new website sooner than later. Most web designers won’t make your current site into a mobile one. Going backwards is very difficult and requires more coding than creating a new website from scratch.  Be prepared for both possibilities, as being mobile-friendly is now very important and shouldn’t be put off much longer.

Where do I go for help?  Calico Marketing, of course!  Website design includes mobile-friendly (responsive) design at no additional cost.  Some sites can be made mobile after the fact, but usually it’s easier to do a complete redesign.