Thanks to some recently made changes to Google’s search algorithm (a mathematical construct that determines what sites are most relevant to your search), original content has become a major key in gaining higher search rankings.

Higher rankings. You want your company’s website to be on the first page of Google when potential clients type in certain keyword strings.  For instance, “Commercial Real Estate Albuquerque” should, hopefully, bring up a few commercial real estate firms located in Albuquerque.  In order to move from page-3 and onto page-1 an updated blog with original content – about commercial real estate in Albuquerque – may do the trick!  Google’s search algorithm is based on the concept of giving preferential treatment to webmasters who are dedicated to making the Internet a better place.  When you’re posting good, original content, Google will reward you.

Getting to know you. Internet-savy consumers like to research a business before making contact.  It’s this particular clientele (a wealthy, educated clientele) that’s going to be the most interested in your blog.  The more posts you have about your subject, the better!  The basis of marketing is getting people to like you through different mediums.  If someone likes you without even speaking, emailing, or meeting you, good job on your blog!

Weeding out bad clientele. If a potential client doesn’t like your blog, it’s likely you wouldn’t enjoy working with this person anyway.  It’s impossible to make everyone agree with your ideas and opinions, so be aware that not everyone is going to like you.  Just be yourself and you’ll find the right kinds of clients will be making contact.