If you are disappointed with the amount of traffic (viewers) and leads your website is getting, you may need to step up your game.  Google AdWords is a great way to bring qualified prospects to your website.  Landing pages can turn prospects into leads, and then you can turn them into clients.

Google AdWords targets people that are searching for particular keywords.  If you’re a commercial real estate agent in San Diego, you want the people that are searching strings like, “Commercial Real Estate in San Diego” or “Available San Diego Commercial Buildings”.

1) Bring in the right people.  Google AdWords will bring in people searching for your services, even if competitors are out-ranking you in the organic search.  (Google AdWords are highlighted yellow at the top of Google, and along the sides.  Organic searches are the websites in the center, white space.)  When you bring in people actually searching for your services, it’s easier to convert them into leads.

2) Out-rank your competitors.  Is a competitor ranked higher than you in Google?  Google AdWords can place you at the top 2, or along the sides of the 1st page of search results.  Getting in front of prospects is the first step to converting them into leads.

3) Landing pages convert.  Once someone is on your landing page, make it clear what you want them to do.  I suggest offering your “Special Report” in exchange for their full name, email, and specific needs.  When they fill out the form, you have a new lead!

4) Brand awareness.  If someone is consistently researching “San Diego Commercial Real Estate” and they’re always seeing your ad, people will think your company is in the big leagues!

5) Keep in their minds.  Google AdWords has a new thing called “Remarketing”.  A special code placed on your website tags individual visitors.  These visitors are logged into your Google AdWords account and Google shows these people specific ads like, “Best Commercial Agent San Diego”.  If they didn’t covert, additional advertising may add that extra push into converting.

Google AdWords is not for the faint-of-heart.  It takes months of adjusting and manipulation before it gets to the point where you can set-it and forget-it.  Be  sure you can dedicate the time before you begin an AdWords campaign.

Did I fail to scare you off?  Good!  Day 21: Google AdWords, Getting Started