If you are interested in joining the Facebook realm as a commercial real estate business, I would ask you, “Do you have time for this?”  Social media can be a time suck, meaning it takes a lot of potential selling time and devotes it to social media time.  Before you begin, ensure you can dedicate an hour a week to Facebook.  If you can dedicate that time, go for it!

Rule #1: Post relevant things.  I “unlike” commercial real estate agents that like to spew out random famous quotes or announce minute-to-minute updates like “having lunch,” “putting on my socks!”  Instead, your Facebook page should be relevant to (1) commercial real estate, (2) your business, (3) news about your business / commercial real estate.  Comment on a news article about a building renovation, post links to your newest blog posting, or announce interesting news reports.  Relevant information will be read and circulated by your Facebook followers.

Rule #2: Proper grammar.  I “unliked” someone for posting “Monday’s are for making deals!”  Social media can only make you look good if you are capable of writing simple sentences.

Rule #3: Not for personal use.  Don’t make the mistake of having your personal Facebook page as your business page.  Your colleagues shouldn’t read your rant on American Idol’s most recent elimination.  Be a music critic on your own time, clients want a professional.

Rule #4: No passive aggressive posts.  “I hope (name) enjoyed that commission he stole from me.”  It’s rude to post something bitter against a rival agent or former client.  Not only will it upset your current clients –we begin to wonder what you’ll say about us– your post will eventually get back to the person/company you were commenting on.

Rule #5: No spam.  Don’t just use your Facebook page to show us your new listings.  A few highlighted listings every now-and-then is fine, but we want information we can use.  Give us relevant information like articles your interested in, your blog post, blog posts you like, comments on new buildings, comments on new zoning, or how recent political maneuvers may be helping or hurting commercial real estate.  Limit yourself to one post a day.

Rule #6: Social media is about “them.”  People use social media to learn new things, be entertained, and feel good about themselves.  If your post won’t educate, entertain, or enlighten your audience, don’t post it.  People want information that is relevant to them, so be sure not to overrun your page with how awesome you are.  Think about what your fans would like to see!