There are a few Internet marketing tools are absolutely necessary for your commercial real estate business.  I have provided my list of top 5 Internet tools are needed to survive.

1) Website. If you don’t have a website in this day-and-age, it says a lot about you and your business.  What says even more about your business is a “Page Cannot Be Found” notice when a potential client clicks on “Contact Us.”  Just one page with your logo, name, address, phone number, and office hours is better than a full website with half the pages under construction.  Also, once the website is up, it must be maintained, it’s not something you can forget about for a year or two.  Links can go bad and contact information changes so be on top of your website.

2) Online Directories. Your business should be added to all the most popular online directories like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  Local searches such as your local yellow pages and printed directories will have an online search.  This may cost some money so be sure to place your listing in only the most popular local directories.

3) Email with Company Name.  Your email should be professional and show your company name as its domain name I.E. [email protected] If you are using your Gmail account it shows that you’re not really in-it-to-win-it.  Do you love your Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail account?  Don’t worry!  Most email providers have an option to send and receive from with a “[email protected]” email address.  Take a few minutes to set it up, and it’s business as usual.

4) Basic SEO – Search Engine Optimization. This basically means making your website easier for Google, Yahoo, and Bing to read.  I suggest you place your main purpose in the title of your website, I.E. “Company Name: Commercial Real Estate for Retail in Downtown Las Vegas.”  You’re telling the search engine your company’s name, and what services you provide and where.  Is it competitive for your keyword “Commercial Real Estate Las Vegas” or similar?  Tell your web designer about what keywords you want to focus on.  A good web designer can write descriptions or add the keywords into the content to allow better search engine optimization.

5) LoopNet, Property Line, and CoStar. I almost left this off the list since it goes without saying.  At least get a free member account with each service, but paying for LoopNet and PropertyLine is advised.  CoStar may be a little pricey for a new agent, but at least notify your CoStar representative of your new listings.  You can’t sell or lease a property if no one knows it’s available.