When agents ask me how their website can do better in Google (get on the first or second page) I often suggest they start a blog. Google and other search engines love new, original content. Search engines favor sites with relevant content over static websites. Creating and maintaining a blog can be exactly what you need to get your website placed onto the top of the search.

How am I supposed to think of weekly topics?! I know, posting every week kinda sucks. But that’s what I suggest when you have a new blog or website. After the first year of consistent posts, you can lower it to every-other week (26 posts per year). I have a few tricks to think of new posts when you’ve ran out of creativity.

1. Looking through wikiHow. This is my personal trick. I love going through the headlines of wikiHow and re-writing them to create my blog posts. Meet Girls Who Like Star Trek = Meet Prospects Who Buy Land. Avoid Stress During the Holidays = Avoid Stressful Marketing Plans. There’s a wealth of information and awesome headlines on wikiHow.

2. Cosmopolitan magazine. You probably think I’m crazy, but Cosmo has some of the best written headlines in the history of the world. For instance, this issue is the source of my “The Fierce New Secrets to CRE Success” idea. Here are some more ideas from this issue.

cosmo blog ideas

  • 100 Commercial Real Estate Questions: Answered in 20 Words or Less
  • 50 Tips to Choosing a Location
  • Virgins in Commercial Real Estate! (Common Questions and Answers)
  • 4 Sign Techniques that get Leads

3. Other blogs. If I find a blog post that I don’t agree with, I write a blog post that attempts to disprove the other guy’s post. You don’t have to mention the other guy (no need to make enemies). The purpose is to get the correct information onto the world-wide-web.

4. Book reviews. If you’re like me, you read a ton of business books. Take a few blog posts to give a summary of the book along with a personal review. I like to know what my peers are reading and what they find interesting, so I bet your readers will enjoy your opinions on literature.