I don’t care what physicists say, time is finite! If you’re swamped all the time, developing and following a marketing plan can be killer. However, even busy people want to keep the prospects coming. After-all, it’s busy NOW but what about the future? Set-it and forget-it marketing plans are the best for busy people. Here’s how to develop a stress free commercial real estate marketing plan!

Step 1. Write and design your Special Report. When you’re finished writing your special report, send it to an editor and a graphic designer. People decide to read a book based on its cover design, so be sure your special report’s front cover is interesting and well designed. Or use one of ours.

Step 2. Build the website. Bluehost.com gives you free domain name (YourFullName.com) with hosting plan and it only costs $83.40 a year! You can either get a web designer to take it from here, or try to do this yourself. Although I suggest getting a professional to design your site.

Step 3. Offer your Special Report on your website. I suggest that your special report offer is on your home page. Make prospects fill out a contact form before they are sent the special report. Getting prospects should be the #1 job of your site. You should also have a button “About Me” that maybe has a fun story of how you got into commercial real estate. Don’t forget to make your specialty clear – “Industrial Space in Austin, Texas”. Also, link your site to your listings in LoopNet. Prospects like to see how busy you are. *Be sure to follow-up 3 times with a prospect that downloaded your special report. The newsletter will continue the follow-up process.

Step 4. You’ll need a steady stream of both postcards and personal letters to turn prospects into leads. All your mailers should direct prospects to your website to download the Special Report. Yes, you already have this person’s contact information, but you can measure the effectiveness of your mailers by seeing how many mailer contacts are filling out the website’s form. And this will give you an opportunity to add his info to your monthly newsletters. Send mailers once every other month – 6 per year. This will keep you in their minds but won’t make you look desperate. Bonus! You can set these up 1 year in advanced! Once they’re setup, you don’t have to touch them.

Step 5. Schedule your newsletters. Again, these don’t have to be fancy. Send a monthly email newsletter to your contacts with articles about commercial real estate and a description of why you thought each article was interesting.

Easy enough! If you’re not good at maintaining a marketing plan, skip Step #5. You only want to provide a newsletter if you’re actually going to keep up with it. All the other stuff can be setup and forgotten about.