What kinds of marketing should you be focusing on in 2013?  The same as always…LEAD GENERATION and FOLLOW-UP systems.  Marketing is actually quite simple in theory, bring in new leads and dazzle them until they’re clients!  It’s the practice that’s difficult.

Generate more leads – Cold calling is becoming more and more difficult with advanced caller-ids and receptionists that block your every move.  Cold visits can be blocked by keypad entry systems, receptionists and door buzzers.  Calls and visits shouldn’t be your one-and-only method to generate leads.   Whether it’s with old fashion mailers made with personalized letters or a modern website with a download in exchange for email, focus on generating leads!  Gather your prospects with services like Reonomy, an inexpensive way to retrieve information on property owners and tenants.  Armed with these lists you can form a plan to send mailers, cold-call, and advertise yourself as a commercial real estate agent.  Download lead generating templates.

Automate – 2013 is all about hands-off technology.  Integrating your website with LoopNet, CoStar or Property Line will save you a ton of time.  How much time do you spend adding each of your listings to web pages?  A ton!  Stop your double, triple or quadruple entry of listings and take the time to integrate your website with your favorite CRE database system.  Don’t know how?  Hire a web designer to install the widgets for you.

Follow-up automationMail Chimp has a system that will send a series of emails to your newest leads and clients with a click of a button.  Setup your emails with their easy templates and some content that won’t require much changing over the next year.

  • 1st Email – Day 1: Thank you for considering me for your CRE needs!  Here’s what you’ll get when you sell or lease your building with me (list the services you perform for their property).
  • 2nd Email – Day 5: By now we’ve complete the following services: Listing your property on LoopNet, CoStar, and Property Line.  We’ve also created the brochure!  (List some resources about staging commercial property, and have links to websites that post market conditions.)
  • 3rd Email – Day 10: I’ll keep you informed of any activity of your property.  Until then, be sure to let me know if you have any questions!  (List some resources your clientele may be interested in.)

Blogging and social media – Seriously gramps, if you’re not involved with blogs or social media by now, you probably won’t be.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t hire a social media company to build your company an online presence.  Hate writing?  We have blog writing services at a flat, monthly fee.

Online advertisements – Have you ever shopped for a t-shirt, decided to hold off and instead went to a site about jet-ski covers and saw an ad for…oh gosh…THAT SAME T-SHIRT!  Online marketing is getting crazy detailed.  You can now setup your Google AdWords to track website visitors based on their interest and which pages they visited and advertise directly to them on other websites.  It’s extremely effective, noticeable and, frankly, impressive.