Let’s face facts…cold calling sucks.  You spend all day preparing a script just to use 90% of your time dialing and talking to voicemails.  Even if you spend your whole day cold calling, at most you can make 50-70 calls before your voice cracks.  We should take this cold-calling philosophy into today’s world…with software!

1. Mass Texting. Did you know 26% of text messages are read? It’s a great way of keeping in touch with your current clients and leads.  Great for your broker list to advertise your properties. “Hello!  Just letting you know about a new 10,000 SF Retail Shopping Center for Sale in Glendale.  Click the link below for the LoopNet listing.”  Also works with potential clients.

Tenant Rep: “Thinking of moving your business?  Glendale Shopping Center has lease rates starting at $2 per square foot.  Click the link below for details.”

Landlord Rep: “Glendale Shopping center (10,000 SF) was fully leased as of Tuesday!  Click the link below to see our Landlord Services.”

Investor Rep: “Did you know I sold a $5 million-dollar property on Thursday?  Click the link below for details.”

CallFire has a great text messaging system!  Make cold calling easy on yourself, and let a software system do the heavy lifting.

2. Direct to Voicemail. This is a completely ringless service – it skips the ringing and accesses voicemail directly. The software runs your pre-recorded message into hundreds of phone numbers at a click of a button.  Most people won’t even know you’re using it – making it look like you’ve done an old-fashion cold call.  Yes, it works with cell phones AND landlines!  Even works on direct business numbers.

This system will give you a report of successful and unsuccessful numbers, so feel free to call the few unsuccessful numbers by hand.  It’ll greatly reduce your time spent cold-calling.

VoiceLogic has a great direct to voicemail system that’s been on the market for years!

3. CRM Calling. If you don’t want to give up your one-on-one conversations, consider a software that tracks duration of your calls and allows you to easily write notes about your conversations. There are some CRM solutions that will take in all your client and prospect data and keep all your cold-call information in one place.  Two simple solutions are Close.io and MyPhoner.  Both are created for easy cold-calling and aren’t bogged down with massive amounts of features that you likely don’t need.