The more commercial real estate brokers and agents I meet, the more I realize many of them think cold-calling is the one-and-only way to bring in leads.  I’m going to prove your wrong!  Here are 50 ways for a commercial real estate agent to get new leads…NONE ARE COLD CALLING!

Word of Mouth

  • Ensure your family and friends know exactly what services you offer, enlist them to help spread the word.

  • Ask clients to tell their friends and colleagues about your services. Be sure they know you’re taking new clients, some assume you’re not (especially if you complain about being busy).

  • Offer free consultations and site visits for referrals.

  • Leave flyers or business cards pinned up at your local coffee shops and post offices.

  • Don’t be shy! Mention your services to baristas, that person you met in the grocery line and anyone else who seems interested.


  • Gather a list of commercial real estate property owners from Reonomy.

  • Sales letters written to your target market can be sent to your gathered list of CRE property owners or tenants.

  • Send attractive postcards with listing information to potential lessees (leases) or property owners with listing information to potential lessees (leases) or property owners (sales).

  • Mail a cover letter and brochure to potential lessees or property owners.

  • Send attractive postcards announcing your services to potential clients.


  • Purchase Google AdWords that target your prospects. You can narrow this range quite a bit! Example: I want my ad to show to Las Vegas residents searching for “best commercial real estate agent” or “available industrial suites.”

  • Ads in local industry magazines or business gazettes.

  • Banner ads on popular industry websites.

  • Exchange links with popular industry websites.

  • Send clever holiday greeting cards to your clients and prospects.

Social Media

  • Comment on industry blogs to draw prospects back to your website.

  • Blog to show expertise and bring in more people to your website.

  • Keep up with Twitter and post on popular tags such as #CRE.

  • Build a Facebook page and post your newest listings and congratulate new tenants.

  • Announce new blog posts on Twitter and Facebook to bring people into your website.


  • Join an industry organization and get listed.

  • Join local NAIOP chapter and participate in functions.

  • Join local Better Business Bureau and participate in functions.

  • Join the local university (even if you’re not an alumni) to mentor or be a guest speaker.

  • Offer to be a guest speaker during an organization’s meetings.


  • Social involvement in churches, schools, universities, and others can bring more word-of-mouth leads.

  • Offer services for free to charitable organizations of your choice.

  • Donations are often rewarded with linking your website to the charity’s web page.

  • Give discounts to referrals from charitable causes.

  • Participate in events and hand out cards or promo items.


  • Buy quality pens, hats, and shirts. Promos are of no use if they’re thrown away!

  • Pass promo items out at events, offer them to charity, and bring them to networking factions.

  • Offer to hire a photographer at industry events. Have the photographer place your business card with printed photos.

  • Pass out flash drives of your information to industry professionals. After they’re done looking through the files, they can still use the branded flash drive.

  • If you insist on the cliché flashlights, make sure they actually give off light. If the flashlight isn’t quality, it becomes the most discarded promo item. “Brighten your Investment Portfolio with…”


  • Industry conventions are a great place to meet new leads and fellow professionals.

  • Participate in trade shows that your target prospects may attend.

  • Enter yourself into local or national “industry professional” awards.

  • Cross promote with other industry professionals. “I’m an industrial agent, but is an excellent retail agent.”

  • Make friends with a powerful contender that’s not interested in your target market and pass each other referrals.