Getting your commercial real estate marketing strategies planned and organized can be easy!  Let’s discuss some new schools of thought that can help you create a profitable commercial real estate marketing strategic plan.  Lead generating is faster and easier than ever before with all these new technologies.

1. Using Reonomy to get more leads. Let’s face it, this is the number one concern, all the time.  Even when you’re so swamped with deals you can barely breath, getting more leads should be a primary focus.  Reonomy has a great way to gather potential client data.  Search by zip codes, radius or draw a map.  Use filters to find specific properties like retail, medical, square footage, etc..  You can extract contact information into convenient spreadsheets.

2. Using Email to get more leads. Cultivating your own list takes time and work. If you have a contact list, use a service like MailChimp to send newsletters, advertisements and news bulletins.  Keeping in touch with current leads is a great way to keep top-of-mind.  When creating your email list consider offering a white paper (“5 Ways to Lease your Building FAST”) in exchange for their contact information.  This is a great way to gather new emails.

3. Using Mailers to get more leads. Now-a-days it’s easier to gather address and contact information than it is to get emails. You can purchase potential client data directly with InfoUSA (I highly recommend you go through a sales agent) or Reonomy.

4. Cloud Calling instead of Cold Calls. Does your broker scream at you to cold call? It sucks, and it takes days of work to get one solid lead.  So instead of talking until your face turns blue, consider one of the Cloud Calling systems.  There is one that goes direct to voicemail, skipping the ring entirely to make it look like you called personally.    There’s another that will call with you online, if you reach a human you can talk to them personally.  In the event you get a voicemail, save your breath and play your pre-recorded message.

5. Sell your properties with emails. Got some stubborn, unmovable properties? Consider doing a mass email blast with one of these services.  I’ve personally used most of these services and gave advice regarding which I believe is the biggest bang for your buck.  See the pricing and statistics of my mailing efforts. Choose which email blast service is best for your needs.