This blog is chalked full of tips, tricks, and advice for a commercial real estate agent.  From getting started in your new job as a junior agent (30 Day Marketing Plan), tips on generating leads, and essential marketing materials.  However, if I could infuse only 5 things into your mind, this is what they would be.

1. Choose a specialty.  You can’t be all things to all people.  Some agents believe that choosing a specialty means they have to turn down business, not true.  Choosing a specialty means that you’ll be advertising to the people for whom you want to work.  You can be an industrial specialist that leases the occasional office or retail building.  Eventually you’ll get to the point where sending those clients to specialists (and collecting referral fees) is more profitable than working on the property yourself.  Don’t be afraid of specialties, they’ll save you time, money and work; making you more profitable.  More about choosing a specialty.

2. Lead generation is your job.  Your broker’s job is to turn over your listings as fast as possible, it’s your job to generate leads and turn them into clients.  In order to do this, you need a plan in place with a Special Report, website, email newsletter, and mailers to truly cultivate and follow-up on leads.  Following up on leads is essential to a commercial real estate agent, and it should never be overlooked.  Steps to a stress-free marketing plan for lead generation.

3. Marketing your LISTINGS isn’t about you.  My biggest pet peeve is when an agent places his name so large on a property sign that passers-by think he’s for sale.  Your property’s signage, brochures, online listings (LoopNet, Property Line, and CoStar) and email blasts should feature the property, not you or your company.  The property should be the star in all of these materials – your name and logo should be at the bottom in a respectable size.  Remember, the purpose of these materials is to quickly turn-over the listing, not brand yourself.  More about marketing listings.

4. Marketing YOU isn’t about your listings.  Making your personal website all about selling/leasing your available properties won’t show new prospects what you’re about or the services you can provide them.  Your specialty and services should be plainly stated with an option to download your Special Report (in exchange for full name and email) on every page.  Make sure you have a follow-up plan in place after you receive leads.  More about marketing yourself.

5.  Bring your cold-calling routine into the 21st century.  We all hate cold-calls.  Get a list of prospects, dial the number, battle the receptionist, maybe get a live person (most likely voicemail), give elevator speech, and rinse-repeat.  Let’s stop the cycle!  There are cheap, easy ways to speed up that annoying cold calling process.  And options for every type of sales person, the agent who would rather not talk at all, to the agent wants to talk to real people without all the fuss.  No matter what kind of agent you are, there’s an inexpensive cold calling service for you.  More about cold-calling made easy with technology.