Every commercial real estate listing needs a few things. “You sent me the brochure in email, but it’s not on LoopNet!” You never want to take that call. Keeping your marketing process consistent for each listing will save you from major headaches.

Brochure. Place all critical information on the brochure including photo of the property, map (either street or aerial), pricing, details of the space(s), building details, zoning, floor plan, and pricing. An ideal design will be able to look nice in both portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) orientation. If you are part of a larger corporation that requires you abide by their standards, don’t go against them.

Keep your contact information in one place on the flyer, place it on every page, and only state your name once per page. Fonts should be one or two of the fabulous-five-fonts: Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Myraid Pro, or Calibri. These are easy to read, they print well, and they look nice on screen. You should only place drop shadows on photos that you’re trying to emphasize. Otherwise, consider using a 1-point border around the image.

Online Databases. Every listing should be placed in the three main, online databases. LoopNet, Property Line and CoStar. Craig’s List is another good option especially if it’s a small, single suite. Small business owners are more likely to look for space on Craig’s list while commercial real estate agents are more likely to use the CRE databases.

All of your online databases should have the brochure available for download and your contact information. The people that check out your listing shouldn’t be able to contact the landlord directly. That’s a sure way to lose commission checks!

Eblasts. If you have a list of all the agents in your city, then send an Eblast announcing your new listing. Most agents want to know about properties the moment they are available, especially if it’s a good deal. Attach your brochure to the email and the link to your listing in LoopNet or Property Line.

Although not an option for every listing, an eblast can provide multiple leads with little work. In my opinion, Catylist has the best price and most aesthetically pleasing eMarketing system available. Email your listing to the entire Catylist network for less than $100! And, BONUS, the email actually looks nice!