Sometimes you can do everything right and still have revenue issues. One solution for a brokerage is renting empty desk space to outside companies or freelancers. Web designers, graphic designers, consultants, and other service based small businesses would love to have a desk and mailing address in a real office space! For many of them, renting a full office isn’t feasible. But the appeal of having a shared conference room and professional address may be a big seller to these business people.

Preferred businesses. If you would prefer a particular type of business in one or more of your spaces, offer a discount. You have no idea how many people have offered a free office to me in their commercial real estate firm! Why? Because having an in-house CRE marketing guru is a big selling point when attracting new talent. If you’re in need of a freelance graphic designer, mapper, or web designer – give them a discount. Having these services under your roof may prove to be helpful and profitable.

Amenities and pricing. All regions are different, so my generalizations may not be perfectly accurate. In my experience electricity, conference room sharing, office furniture, cleaning service, coffee, high speed Internet, out-bound telephone, and access to break room are expected. If you are offering a simple cubicle the average rent is around $100-$175. If you are offering an office with locking door the average rent is around $275-$450. Charge extra for additional add-ons like access to receptionist and voice mail (in-bound phone), covered parking spot, copier access, fax machine access, and anything else you can up-sell. Some may be interested while others aren’t.

Advertise your desk space. Don’t be lazy – take photos! Most people will only look at the listings with the photos, so be sure to at least take one of the building, rentable office space(s), and shared conference room. Some online databases you can list your available space: Office List , SOS, Regus, and Craig’s List. If you have a preferred business, be sure to mention there’s a discount available for that type of business. Be sure to mention that renting space at your office may bring the freelancer some leads. Leads are a big bonus to freelancers!

Revenue. Think about that unused space and how much it can bring in! Those 4 empty cubicles and 1 lonely office can bring $1,000 a month in extra revenue. If you have no plans to put additional agents in those spots, start thinking about renting to freelancers.