Are you working with a ridiculously lean, shoestring budget? No worries! I have a few tips to help you get into the marketing game without spending a ton of money.

  1. Writing a white paper.If you’re a reader of this blog you know I’m a believer in the “Free PDF”. Although I suggest you have a designer create a gorgeous PDF version, instead you can offer it as a simple black and white paper. Convert your Word document to a PDF for free with PDF to Word, an online file converter. If you’re skipping the editor, have a friend proof read your document. Cost = FREE!
  2. Build your own website. gives you free domain name ( with hosting plan and it only costs $83.40 a year! Although I suggest getting a professional to design your site, Bluehost allows you to build a site fairly easily with WordPress templates. Follow the directions and you’ll have a low cost website that promotes your white paper! Cost = $83.40
  3. Email newsletter.Send your list of contacts a monthly newsletter with links to articles you liked and a little description of the articles. Your Microsoft Outlook or similar email software will do this for free. You’ll have to spend some time organizing your newsletter distribution list. Following up and staying in front of prospects and former clients is key to converting them into future sales. Never skimp on follow-up techniques!Cost = FREE!
  4. Social media.Participating in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media will bring some free Internet fame. Linking your website to social media is a great way for clients to find you online and keep in touch. Remember to keep your posts relevant to commercial real estate. No one cares that you’re “stoked” about a turkey sandwich.Cost = FREE!
  5. Posting on blogs and forums.Finding blogs and forums to comment and participate in will give you link-backs to your website (leading to more traffic and higher Google rankings) and cause you to be involved in the industry all over the United States. The more you participate in online communities the better! Answer questions, ask questions, and give advice. You may find some prospects along the way.Cost = FREE!
  6. Podcasting. Are you brave enough to enter the realm of YouTube videos? Providing a series of YouTube advice videos revolving around commercial real estate may bring you some prospects and online fame! If you have a web-cam and something to say, podcasting can bring in prospects at no cost.Cost = FREE!

Check it out! I’ve only suggested you spend $83.40 of your hard earned money!