Traditional advertising methods can be a huge expense.  Newspaper ads, magazines, mailers, radio, and billboards can take a massive chunk out of your budget.  While they were the only way to “get the word out” ten years ago, times have changed drastically!  I’ve outlined a few ways the advertise your commercial real estate business on the cheap.

1. Social Media. It’s free, it’s fast, it’s easy! Social media can reach thousands of people instantaneously.  If your post is liked or shared, it could potentially read thousands more!  No good at Social Media?  Ask me about fully managed Social Media packages!

2. Guest Blogging. Write up a great industry related blog and send it in for Guest Blogging. They will usually post your photo, contact information, and short biography at the bottom of each guest blog you provide.

3. Email Advertising. Services like Big Boys Blast offer to email your message or listing to their database of 126,000 real estate professionals across the United States and Canada. Starting at under $70 per email, it’s an inexpensive and easy way to get leads and sell properties.

4. E-Newsletter. Getting people to return to your website is half the battle. A monthly e-newsletter can do the job easily.  Fill it with blog articles, recent news, and even a few of your most popular social media posts.

5. Digital Signage. While I don’t expect you to spend big money to get on a digital billboard facing a highway off-ramp, there are targeted options available. Most conventions and events will have some form of digital billboard.  Are you looking for restaurant tenants?  Consider posting ads at the Pizza Expo. You’ll be able to find a convention for any niche market!

6. Website. In today’s world, a website is a requirement. It not only builds trust, it shows you’re serious about the industry and your business.  Websites bring legitimacy.  I have three website packages to choose from – Bargain Websites, Custom Websites, and Lead Generating Websites.  No matter your budget, I have an option for you!

7. Search Engine Optimization. If you have a website, you need to optimize so Google and other search engines can read it easily. The easier it is for a search engine to understand your website, the higher rankings you’ll have.

8. Google Adwords. If your domain and website are brand new, all the SEO work in the world won’t get you top rankings for at least a year. (You need to establish longevity for page #1 results.)  Until then, you can bypass the SEO system with Google Adwords.  The flexible system allows you to choose the most money you’re willing to pay by day, keeping your budget in check.

9. Facebook Ads. A great way to get in touch with local industry professional is Facebook. You can target by job title, only advertise to people who have checked out your website, and workplace.  You can set Facebook with a certain budget ($100) and let it run until you’re ready to add more money, keeping you on budget.  Ask me about managed social media ads!

10. LinkedIn Ads. The best way to gather those business to business leads is LinkedIn. Set your own budget, and filter by industry, job title, interests and more.  Ask me about managed social media ads!