Getting People to Know You
Repetition creates and increases awareness of your brand.  The more often people see your logo and message, the more they will recognize your business and remember what services you specialize in.  Consistency is key!  Your message and logo should be everywhere – on your listing brochures, postcards, letterheads, e-mail signatures, business cards, corporate brochure, and anything else you produce.

You may get sick and tired of hearing your company slogan and seeing your logo, don’t change them unless they have been proven unsuccessful.  Nike is probably tired of their “Just Do It” motto and swoosh logo, but to the consumer, it’s familiar and recognizable.  If you do need to change your logo or message, be sure to change everything at once.  Multiple logos and messages will confuse your buyers, and your efforts will produce no brand recognition.  If you do not have the resources to change everything at once, it’s best to wait until you do.

Getting People to Like You
The University of Chicago’s Department of Psychology reported in a recent study that the more people hear a brand’s name and message, the more they like it. However, there is a fine line: inundating your target market with too many ads can cause them believe that you are desperate for sales and can be counter intuitive. To avoid this problem, schedule your advertisements to correlate with one another.

Be consistent.  Keep your message the same in each advertisement and remember that multiple logos and messages will confuse your audience, so it’s best to keep it simple.

Getting People to Recognize You
Again, you are reminded of the importance of being consistent. Keep your logo, message, color scheme and fonts the same in each advertisement. It’s a good idea to write this information down and give it to your graphic designer, web designer, or advertising agency before they start work on your projects so that they know what they have to work with.

All of your marketing materials should have the same look. Your buyers should be able to cover up your logo and message, yet still know that it’s your business.